Moringa Holdings LLC is a Portland, Oregon based company focused on finding, acquiring, and repositioning distressed mortgage debt for both equity and cash flow.

At Moringa, our goal is to help struggling homeowners get back on their feet again, keeping them in their homes, and restoring, and maintaining their credit.

Through our relationships with financial institutions we are able to purchase non-performing notes at a deep discount.  We analyze these notes to identify those with lucrative potential allowing us to have maximum flexibility when trying to arrive at a work out with the borrower as well as being profitable for us and our joint venture partners.

By sharing the purchasing discount with the borrower we are most often able to arrive at a work out that will keep them in their home

We partner with sophisticated investors on a note by note basis. The notes are on real estate and the real estate has a higher market value then the purchase price of the note; thus securing the note through real estate.

Our goal is to provide an excellent investment opportunity as well as providing a solution to distressed homeowners. We work for a win-win for the homeowner, ourselves, and our joint venture partners.  A foreclosure is only started when no other solution is feasible.